8 Hosting Coupons That ALWAYS Work


Finding reliable coupons is a pain. Trust us, we know from experience. So, we thought if we could provide the world with pain-free, reliable coupons and deals, it would be helpful to everyone.

These coupons are meant for anyone buying hosting.


1. Save 25%: WORDPRESSHOSTING – Save 25% off of your first invoice.

2. Save $9.94: WPHOSTINGSAVE994 – Save $9.94 off the first month.

3. Save $24.94: WPHOSTINGRESELLER – Save $24.94 on reseller hosting.

4. Save $9.94: JOOMLAHOSTING – Save $9.94 off the first month.

5. Free Month: JOOMLAFREEMONTH – Free month with HostGator.


6. Save 10%: DEAL – Saves 10% on your hosting plan


7. Save up to $25: JOOMLA25


8. Save up to $20 at signup:  JOOMLAHOSTING

We hope this helps! If for any reason the coupons do not work please contact us to let us know.

David writes for a couple different websites that work with hosting and consumer reviews. He brings real-world application to harder to understand concepts in order to help people learn about specific subject matter. He also knows HTML, CSS and PHP to help out with building and configuring sites.

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