Types of Wordpress Hosting

Our Favourite Hosts

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A few quick host finding tips

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1. Don’t worry about Price. Yes price is a concern but it is much better to have a site that works well and has visitors than saving a few dollars per month.

2. Go with a host that actively supports WordPress. Lots of hosting companies will specialize in a particular type of hosting. Some will focus on Content Management, eCommerce, etc… With WordPress gaining as much support as it has, there are several companies that specialize in WordPress.

3. How do you like to contact Tech Support? If you like the comfort of being able to get a live human on the phone then make sure the company you select has phone support. Generally the best WP Hosting companies will offer phone and chat support. If you are not sure then it is probably best to avoid the email only hosting companies. Also, if you are willing, some companies will provide WordPress specific support at a premium.

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How To Select the Best WordPress Host

So you want the best of the best for your WordPress site. Well, there are several things that make up a great host. This is our basic list:

  • Reduce Site Downtime
  • Improve the User Experience
  • Reduce headaches and save you time
  • Improve Search Rankings

This is just scratching the surface of what makes a good host.

Selecting the best hosting company
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