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WP Hosting Reviews is was created to help other Designers, Developers and Website owners find the best hosting company for their WordPress website. We focus on and specializes in WordPress Hosting Reviews and articles about the best WP plugins and of course our world-famous WordPress Guides

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Steven Johnson, founder of WPHosting Reviews

Created over 10 years ago by Steven Johnson, the site has taken on many different forms, evolutions and iterations. It has always been built in WordPress and always run on one of our favorite hosts and we have always paid for our own hosting.

Our goal is for you to find the best hosting company for your WordPress web site.  After several requests about the most reliable hosting companies, we create this site for our editor and user reviews.

Review Process

We personally use and pay for hosting at all of our Editor top pick sites.  Over time we have tried out dozens of hosting companies, we stick with the good ones and cancel our hosting accounts at the bad ones.  Learn more about how we rate hosting companies

Editor Top Picks

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