Best Host of the Year: HostGator

For our second year in a row, HostGator has come in first for Best Host of The Year in 2012. We have been using HostGator on several websites over time and know that they do a good job.

Our criteria is based on Speed/Uptime, Price, Customer Support, and Features. HostGator has delivered what they set out to do. For us, this means keeping our website up and running fast, giving us affordable plans with good features and keeping us happy. Cheers guys, here’s to another year.

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Best Business Host of the Year: Site5

Site5 has an excellent service for anyone who wants to get hosting. But for us, we have found their excellent tech support, control panel and website manager to be very well put together and easy to use.

Our favorite thing about using Site5 for business is the ability to host multiple sites under one account which have their own separate control panel. It cleans up the backend and makes it easy to maintain lots of websites. This is a great business feature.

The other reason we really like Site5 for business is their care in technical support. When you talk to them over email or chat you have a picture and profile of who you are speaking with so that they feel more personable.

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Best WordPress As A Service: WP Engine

New to our awards categories, is the WordPress as a service hosting companies. There was only one clear winner this year and that is WP Engine. This site is hosted with them and we have had an excellent experience so far.

The servers are lightning fast and stable. Of course one of the primary benefits is that they run WordPress are themselves experts in it. They will help you get your site set up and going and tech support is more than happy to help you with hosting and core WordPress resolution.

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Best Cloud Host of the Year: Site5

It’s not often that a company wins two awards, but this year Site5 is our cloud hosting winner. Cloud hosting means your website is not just on one datacenter server, but it is spread across multiple servers all over the world.

Site5 is one of the first few companies to make it available and affordable to the average website. Because the website is not just on one server it can see load times increase as well as being able to load from many different parts of the world, quickly.

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Best Host of the Year: HostGator

Our favorite WordPress hosting company for the year 2011 is HostGator. HostGator made it to the top of our list because they have superior shared server speeds, security, control panel support, easy Joomla installers, great tech support, and many other features.

One reason we really like HostGator is because they are great for people who have never used a Hosting Company before. The process is quick and easy, and with the basic accounts everyone has access to a majority of the best features.

Another reason we really like HostGator is because they have great tech support. This is demonstrated daily on their Twitter and Facebook pages, but is also evident when using chat and calling them.

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Best Business Host of the Year: Site5

As the developers of WordPress Hosting Reviews we think Site5 is the best at business hosting. This is because when it comes to domain and account management, security, speed and custom control panel.

After many discussions with employees at Site5 it is clear to us that the company is constantly working to improve personalized tech support and help keep large accounts active at all times.

Also, we found using the account manager to connect clients and customers with their domains helps when developing sites.

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