Best WordPress Hosting

So, you want to start a blog or online business. Whether it’s a business to share essential news relative to your brand or a personal blog to stay in touch with family and friends, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to get started.

Obviously, it’s important to choose a solid blogging platform – that’s where WordPress comes in. It offers countless plugins, outstanding support, and it’s free. But what does starting a WordPress blog involve? Just like any other website, a domain, theme, and great hosting are all necessary components.

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Here are a few WordPress hosting tips and reviews to help you choose the best WordPress web hosting service and walk you through the process.

WordPress Hosting Resources

Primarily, you’ll need to anticipate how much traffic you expect your blog to have and where you want it to go. If you expect a considerable amount of traffic, whether it’s now or in the near future, go with a company that offers unlimited resources. Indeed, nothing is ever really unlimited. However, you won’t have to worry about things like bandwidth or storage. Simply put, unlimited actually means there’s so much available space that you’ll never use it all.

There are several WordPress hosting companies that provide unlimited storage and bandwidth, but there are companies that will also charge users too much money for too little service. Be careful when choosing the best WordPress hosting service and thoroughly research every option that’s available to you.

Hosting Support

Even though WordPress is a worldwide leader regarding the blogging platform, there are a few drawbacks to consider first. Occasionally, there will be certain things you’ll want to fix. However, you may not have the practical knowledge in order to do so. If you don’t have the technical skills that are required, it’s in your best interest to work with the best WordPress web hosting service that provides some level of live support. So, do your homework first before choosing the best WordPress hosting solution in order to experience the best possible service.


Another aspect you should consider when choosing the best WordPress web hosting service is price. Shared hosting is a reasonable place to start, but you may want to rethink this option once your blog starts to really take off and grow.

Shared hosting is definitely an affordable option. It allows your site to have up to 20,000 visits every day. There are several sites that provide shared hosting regarding WordPress, generally under $10 per month. A few hosting companies will even offer a risk free trial. You can get a discount by signing up for one of their great packages through WordPress directly. Explore every option and what you personally need before deciding which best WordPress hosting service will work to meet your particular needs.

WordPress Security

Prior to migrating your site to a server, ensure the server is secure. Explore the history of attacks on each server you’re thinking about using. Also, you’ll need to decide between a shared or dedicated server. Here’s the difference:

Shared WordPress Hosting

By using a shared server, you’ll be sharing a single server with thousands of other sites, based on the capacity of the server. Keep in mind that there are certain risks associated with using a shared server. Although you may have thoroughly fool-proofed your site, there’s still the chance of attack through certain vulnerabilities of the specific server you chose, although it’s unlikely.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

A dedicated server means it will only host your site. Also, if your site is secure, it can’t easily be backdoored. However, there is one key drawback – price. Dedicated servers cost significantly more in price than shared servers.

Over recent years, it appears that cyber attacks are on the rise. So, keeping your site secure should be a top priority in order to fend off such attacks. Choose only the best WordPress hosting service to host your site in order to keep it safe and protect your blog from unnecessary attacks.

cPanel Hosting

Most decent WordPress hosting companies offer cPanel. It ranks high in terms of the best scripts for hosting WordPress. Several companies that offer cPanel incorporate Fantastico or custom WordPress installer, which greatly helps when installing WordPress.

Other Tips

Here’s a quick review of additional things to consider before choosing the best WordPress hosting service:

  • If possible, choose Linux hosting over Windows hosting
  • Choose a WordPress hosting service that lets you host multiple domains instead of just one
  • Watch storage and bandwidth limits – avoid them if possible
  • Stay clear of free hosting altogether
  • Try to find a hosting service that permits multiple databases
  • Determine if the hosting company offers the latest versions of both MySQL and phpMyAdmin

Use this review of each aspect of hosting to pick the best WordPress web hosting service so your blog runs smooth and problem free.