Best WordPress Hosting

1. SiteGround


  • Easy to install and manage WordPress
  • Ready and willing Customer Support
  • Competitive Prices and wide range of hosting plans.


SiteGround is a top choice for hosting a WordPress site. They have fast servers, great features and expert support.

The reason most people choose SiteGround is their attention to the customer. Technical support is great at walking you through WordPress installations.

If WordPress or some other CMS has a security hole The technicians will write their own patch until WordPress releases an official one.

2. HostGator


  • Great server environment for WordPress
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer support
  • Competitive prices and wide range of hosting plans.


HostGator is one of the best hosts around. You get fast servers, affordable plans, lots of features, and reliable technical support.

Their hosting  environment is great for WordPress. cPanel is the control panel of choice for them. As many site owner’s know, a well supported control panel helps installing new plugins and updating files remain a stable process.

3. WP Engine


  • Staff are WordPress experts
  • Easy to use and get help
  • Incredible server speed and security
  • Comes with free plugins already installed to WordPress


WP Engine is WordPress hosting management company. This means that they only host WordPress sites.

What you get from a WordPress specific hosting company is servers that are optimized just to run WordPress and technicians are experts in their field.

Their control panel is much simpler than others because a lot of the database and security options are handled by the staff (Less worrying for you).

4. Site5


  • Excellent Server Environment for WordPress
  • Smart, Knowledgeable Tech Support
  • The Best Custom Control Panel for Managing Multiple Sites
  • Excellent options for Business / Cloud / Redundant Hosting Plans


Site5 is an excellent hosting company and they do a fantastic job hosting WordPress Sites.  They were established in 1999 and providing great services ever since.

If you are managing multiple sites, Site5 makes it very easy to do.

Support is very personal. When you start a chat session a picture and name are show who you are talking to.

5. Bluehost


  • Great for start-up bloggers
  • One reliable plan keeps things very simple
  • Knowledgeable tech support
  • Bluehost is a supporter of Open Source


Bluehost is another one of our favorites. They keep things simple with a single full-featured plan.

If your site will have very high traffic volume Bluehost may not be the company for you. But, if your site is part of the 90% of WordPress blogs that get average amounts of traffic, Bluehost is an excellent option.

What Makes a Great WordPress Hosting Company?

Save time with our Editor Recommended Hosts


If you are looking for the best hosting company for your WordPress Blog, then you know there are hundreds of WordPress hosting companies and it can be time consuming and confusing finding the best hosting company.

This page was created to make the search easier. The companies we like the best are listed here. We have personally signed up, paid for, and reviewed all of these companies. So, really, this is our ‘favorite hosts’ page. We take into account our opinion and also what the community has said about the companies.

We currently host at least one site with all top editor picks. By continuing to host with all of the top picks we are able to check up on their tech support, network upgrades and any WordPress coupons they may offer. Also, we’ll be among their customers that experience any server issues if they have any.

Note From The Editor

One of the main reasons we started this page (and this site as a whole) has been to answer the questions a lot of new WordPress site builders have. One of these questions is “Which WordPress host should I use”.  My thoughts on this particular question vary from site to site, but, on this site, we have pinpointed a few that work well with everyone.

We spend a lot of time exploring, test, and reviewing web hosts, however our experience is biased to us. Our experience may not be the same as everyone else’s, but thats okay, because that’s exactly why we made this website. If you still want more info, learn how to get a host using our guide and doing the research.

My Personal Favorite

For WordPress, I have used several. And, honestly, research can save you a lot of time. I have never had a “terrible” experience with any particular hosts. That being said, some are simply BETTER.

I just started new WordPress website at SiteGround. First off, I have to have a fast, responsive site. If it’s too slow it makes it hard to save changes in the content editor, FTP takes forever, and overall website production is slowed down.

After I started my SiteGround account I noticed faster response times and it felt less laggy while writing content, etc. compared to my previous host, Bluehost (which I still use). SiteGround is significantly cheaper than Bluehost, so trying it out ended up being totally worth it. I have more stats on this so check out the full review of SiteGround here and Bluehost here.

Passing Along My Experience

My story is simple. I love building websites, and because of that, I have WordPress sites coming out of my ears. One of the most important things to decide is how big your site will be. Is it a personal blog? Is it a directory of hundreds of items? Is it ecommerce? Is it a large corporate brand’s website?

This gives you a starting point to deciding what type of hosting you need. Learn more about the different types here. Smaller sites are going to work fine with any shared hosting companies like, SiteGround, Bluehost, or HostGator. Larger sites may want to grab a dedicated server from one of those same hosts. Lastly, you can pay extra to host with a company like WP Engine, who only hosts WordPress sites. These sites are still on a shared server, but since they are all running WordPress, WP Engine is able to dedicate more resources to each site while keeping the environment much safer. You will pay a premium for this type of hosting, but it’s worth it. In fact, this site is hosted with WP Engine.

Does Price Matter?

You get what you pay for. Any company is going to make their money back somehow, so is the company you choose honest or shady? Well, the good news is, setting up hosts and changing hosts is easy. Finding the best host for the price is key. If your best option is to check our “Best Hosts” and research them. You may find the cheapest one will work for your situation.

How Do I Research?

I’m glad you asked. I have a habit of keeping my ear to the ground in this industry. A big chunk of my information comes from testing the sites and writing the reviews. I use Pingdom and Statuscake to track my websites. For page speed I use WebPageTest.

Another good tactic for seeing a business’s reputation is by checking the Better Business Bureau’s website. Here is HostGator receiving an A+. Another great article I found on this one.