Cloud WordPress Hosting

Why Cloud WordPress Web Hosting Makes Sense

When it comes to publishing your WordPress site, cloud WordPress web hosting is fast becoming one of the most popular options. For many, however, understanding what is generally meant when a hosting service talks about cloud WordPress web hosting is something worth looking into.

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What is the Difference Between Cloud WordPress Hosting and Other Web Hosting Options?:

To begin with, cloud WordPress web hosting is a hosting service that is optimized for WordPress users. It almost always means that your site will be hosted on cloud servers, which are virtual servers that exist in a large pool of storage with its own identity and limits specifically set.

This differs from a shared hosting account, for example, because a shared hosting account is typically hosted on one physical server that contains many other accounts. Shared hosting pools resources and shares them whereas a cloud WordPress hosting arrangement does not need to share resources with other accounts.

Of course, dedicated server hosting is a similar to cloud WordPress hosting because it allows the user complete control over their physical environment without pooling computer resources. The difference here is that a cloud WordPress web hosting account is not tied to one physical server. Instead it leverages the power of the cloud that is built around it to access unlimited resources when necessary.

What are the Benefits of a Cloud WordPress web hosting account?:

In a word, redundancy. Cloud WordPress hosting accounts allow you to keep your site online at all times if you wish because the cloud infrastructure is typically constructed to roll all customers over to a different iteration if the site that you have goes down.

An article online that talks about WordPress by using WordPress is a good example of another benefit: scalability. The popular site loads very slowly. It is not hosted on a cloud server. If the authors chose to host the site with a cloud WordPress hosting account, their page would likely be optmized to load quickly for everyone.

A third benefit that is not normally offered with other accounts is dns protection. DNS protection allows your cloud WordPress web hosting site to rotate through different DNS configurations if there is too much traffic on the primary location. This type of setup is very convenient if you have people launch denial of service attacks upon your site.

Finally, in terms of configuration, because everything is virtual and configurable, you will likely find that launching your site and maintaining it are a much more flexible process than you would have with other internet hosting account options.

Ins and Outs of Shopping For a cloud WordPress Web Hosting Account:

One of the first things that you will want to understand as you look through the different options is: What is the vendor really offering? Some companies create private clouds that are different from a standard cloud server that may be hosted on a very large provider’s network. The difference would be in the configuration options and how the operation is structured.

So if you are looking for details on what would be construed as the most standard approach, you can always look at articles that talk about Amazon’s service. Amazon has driven a lot of standards in the cloud computing sector. Many providers therefore use a similar implementation.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at cloud WordPress web hosting is the configuration that you receive. Virtual space and throughput are probably the two most important components here, although you will want to keep overall cloud performance in mind as well. One way to check overall cloud performance before you sign up is to ask the cloud vendor to send you a couple of site links for existing customers that you can use in order to verify that the service is as responsive as you would like it to be.

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