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CloudAccess Deals, Coupons & Promotion Strategy

Okay so I have been emailing with CloudAccess about there coupon strategy and here is what I have learned.

They do not go with a marketing strategy to raise prices and then discount them to market value with lots of coupons.

The best value is to sign up for an account an pay a year at a time, this can take 50% off the price of hosting.  It will take it from $10/month down to $5/month for the mini plan or $20/month down to $10/month for the Standard Plan.

They do have some coupons for those who start with free plans and then upgrade to paid accounts.  To get one of these coupons you will need to sign up for a free plan and then email them about the promotion or wait for them to email you.  I think the coupon will save you around 30% on hosting.  Not sure if this is for the first year or all years.

Past Known Good CloudAccess Hosting Coupons

2018 Promotions

These are hosting coupons that CloudAccess has used in the past.  They are most likely not active but could be worth trying

  • Joomla50 — Saves 50% on Hosting

In addition to using the coupons above you may want to read our Hosting Review which is specifically written for those looking to use WordPress at

2017 Promotions

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