7 Awesome Footer Designs

It’s hard to find great design. That’s why we have put together a list of the best footer designs we have found. Footer designs are important because they display important site-wide information in a condensed easy to read way.

This makes information like how to contact a company, latest news, popular blog posts and social account information all in one place. Here is our list of the 7 best footer designs.



A fun illustrated graphic at the bottom of the page shows a cartoon of how the company works. This company makes it look fun to go from being a graduate to an employee.


nGen Works Company


One of the more impressive footers we have seen. A lot of the time when working with clients and their brands you find yourself asking these exact questions. Having them answered right there at the bottom of the page answers all of the questions people are asking. Trust us, you should check this website out.


Hey Indy


A great way to keep people up to date with your information is to have links to the important contact info displayed in a cool way at the bottom of the page. Hey Indy does a good job making new visitors become returning customers. Nice solid, easy to read text keeps it easy on the eyes while you write your message to them.




This footer emphasizes the friendliness of the staff by featuring their photos at and company titles beneath them. We like the way the have crucial elements like Contact Me and a search bar down at the bottom. Instead of overloading patrons with too much content, this layout lets you get to know the company.


The Pixel (blog)


Most of the contact information is on their home page and in the header. This footer has all the room in the world to look awesome. It’s design is super creative and looks really cool. I find myself trying to click on things to interact with it.


Nuevo Aurich


A German based Spanish restaurant that puts it’s footer to good use by adding all of the information to the bottom of the page. You can see all of the times that it’s open, daily news, and an event schedule. It would probably help if I could read German, but visit with the Chrome browser and it will translate the site for you.




Elegant and tasteful, the Ecoki website really makes you want to be apart of the environmental initiative. It’s full of rich textures and excellent color. Notice how their links to other sites at the bottom of the page are thumbnails created to compliment the rest of the site.


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