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support-734Like anything computer related WordPress can have problems that arise. Fixing problems is quicker, easier, and less frustrating when you have help or can use other experiences as a resource.

Obviously, the best place start your search for help is on the WordPress website. Although, these are not always the fastest ways to resolve issues. Especially if they are server or database related.

Hosting companies with WordPress support

WP EngineWP Engine – They specialize in only WordPress hosting which means their staff is well versed in using WordPress. Each technician has a profile and picture to go along with their emails. This personalizes the support which makes it more friendly.

Visit WP Engine | WP Engine Review

Site5Site5 – Also has a email service that has a profile and picture of the technician that is working with you. They often can help solve WordPress issues. When it comes to hosting, Site5 does a great job keeping their customers happy.

Visit Site5 | Site5 Review

Visit HostGatorHostGator – Provide excellent support services. Anytime we have issues we are able to resolve them in their first level of tech support. It helps us trust their service and makes us feel like we can call them back anytime.

Visit HostGator | HostGator Review

Further solutions

Where to look for a WordPress solution

  • help section
  • WordPress community forums
  • Does your site have a template? Try looking for “Documentation”, “Forums”, “Tutorials”, or “Contact” for that template
  • Does it run a specific extension? Try looking for “Documentation”, “Forums”, “Tutorials”, or “Contact” for that extension
  • Do you see an error code? Try Googling it.

Some common causes of WordPress problems:

  • Installing new extensions or templates
  • Changing WordPress core files
  • Permission settings not setup correctly

Where to look for a hosting solution

Common Web Hosting Problems

  • Errors like “404” or “500” are both common
  • Page display is missing graphics and structure – possible CSS file is not being loaded
  • Website is running extremely slow
  • Database error or failure (error code should be present)
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