Best Cookie Policy Generators in 2020 – Free & Paid

The Best Cookie Policy Generators

The world of policy generators can be confusing. So many different policies, different companies, and the names of the companies are all very similar. Below is a list of the cookie policy generators, along with the features they offer, info they request and and example of their cookie policy.

Here are our favorite Cookie Policy Generators. We know these posts can get long and sometimes you are just looking for the just the answer so you can move onto other things. 

With the cookie policies, they fall into three categories: Free, Paid, and Subscription. We have picked the best of each. If you are after more details then keep reading down the post.

Cookie Policy Generator: Best Free Cookie Policy Generator in 2020

This one looks to be truly free. It does not have as many features as the paid options but it is free.  If you are running Google Analytics or Advertising you should really consider a paid option, if you are using those services then this free option should work just fine.

Terms Feed: Best Paid Cookie Policy Generator in 2020

Termsfeed is our favorite option for a paid Cookie Policy. They have quite a few options for Business vs Personal, Google Analytics, Creating User Accounts, and Google Analytics. In addition to the paid accounts, they do have a free option, that you may qualify for.

Should you need other website legal docs, Termsfeed has them all, including Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions, Refund Policies, EULA.

Termsfeed is a well-established company that we feel comfortable getting our Cookie Policies from. Best Subscription Cookie Policy Generator in 2020

For the Subscription option, we like it is not just a cookie policy but an entire suite of legal compliance documents. You will get a cookie consent manager, privacy policy, terms & conditions, disclaimer, and return policy. 

It is up to you if you need all of those documents. If you do and you are looking for a subscription solution, it is worth checking out Termly.

A name like Cookie Policy Generator is not that original but you know exactly what you are getting. The service is easy to use and the policy created is clear and easy to understand. The steps to generate the policy are straightforward making this our choice for Best Free Cookie Policy Generator.

This generator only has a free option, so if you are looking for a basic free option this is a good choice. 

It should be noted that the policy you get from Cookie Policy Generator includes a link back to them.  In most cases, this is not an issue. For some businesses, they may not want to include the link to a free service. 

If you need a business website cookie policy one of the others lower on the page will be a better fit.

When I went through it I selected all of the options that seemed reasonable. This way if I added on of the options in the future it would already be there.

The information they use to create the policy:

  • Website Name
  • Website URL
  • Country
  • State
  • Email address

Once you click submit, you are given the HTML markup for the policy, a permanent link to view the policy and a preview window.

Why use Cookie Policy Generator

Cookie Policy Generator is a free, basic and is an easy to use generator. The policy created is perfect for small noncommercial websites that do not have advanced functionality. If you have a commercial site you may want to keep reading.


Termsfeed is one of our favorite policy generators and especially when it comes to the cookie policy. They are a very reputable company and the process to get a policy is easy to do.

We have also found their prices to be very reasonable for the quality and detail included in the policy.

In addition to the Cookie Policy, they have quite a few other policies that you may need for your website including privacy policies, terms and conditions, return policies, disclaimers, and many others.

Information required to create policy

  • Select if Website or App
  • Website URL
  • Website Name
  • Business or Individual (business is a paid option)
  • If a business they will ask for a name
  • Location of Business (Country and State)
  • Can User Create an Account (Yes = paid option)
  • Show Ads on Website (Yes = paid option)
  • Use Analytics or Google Analytics (Yes = paid option)
  • Email Address to receive cookie policy

After entering the above information you checkout and the policy will be available to add to your website.

Why Use Termsfeed

If you want a policy from one of the best companies, you should give Termsfeed a try. The process is super simple, the price is right, and the created cookie policy will be tailored specifically for your website.

WebsitePolicies has created attorney-drafted policies that you can use on your website.  The process is very simple and the price is lower than some of the other companies on this list. The price of their cookie policy is $19.95 (as of Jan 2020) if you add other policies then a bundle discount is applied.

The real benefit of using Website Policies is that they have multiple types of policies and you can create an account to manage and keep up with the policies over the years.

Where most companies will create policy one time, WebsitePolicies will update your policy over time as new laws and directives are enacted. When changes in the laws happen they will update you. This way you can focus on your website not keeping up with privacy policy laws.

Reasons to Use Website Policies

  • The process is simple and easy to complete
  • Keep your policies up to date to comply with future laws
  • A single account to manage all legal policies
  • They have more than just cookie policies
  • Price-conscious, they are reasonably priced.
  • Bundle Policies for Discount.

We are currently using on WP Hosting Reviews, look for the links in our footer to see them first hand. is another solid choice.  They have the clauses and options needed to create a good cookie policy for your website. In addition to the cookie policy, they have a wide range of other legal documents for websites.

A cookie policy is going to cost around $10 to $25 depending on the site complexity.

Items needed to create a cookie policy

  • Website URL
  • Website Name
  • Business or Individual (business is a paid option)
  • If a business they will ask for a name
  • Location of Business (Country)
  • Can User Create an Account (Yes = paid option)
  • Show Ads on Website (Yes = paid option)
  • Use Analytics or Google Analytics (Yes = paid option)
  • Email Address to receive cookie policy

Reasons to use PrivacyPolicy com

  • They create a good Cookie Policy
  • Prices are consistent with other policy generators
  • Quick and easy to use is a monthly subscription option. For $10/month billed yearly or $20/month billed monthly, you can get a whole suite of legal policies.

Their documents include Privacy Polic, Terms & Conditions, Cookie Consent Generator, Disclaimer and Return Policy.

It should be noted that you get documents for one website per subscription. So if you have multiple websites then you will need to signup for multiple accounts. This is a pretty standard practice just wanted to make you aware of it. When I was reading a few reviews I noticed a couple of members mentioning the change and wanted to bring it to your attention. 

Termly is based in Deleware, USA and London UK. They employ about sixteen people. Not sure how many are in the US and how many are in England. I was nice to see all the faces on their website especially since you never really know who works at what internet companies. is not the cheapest option but they do offer a full suite of documents and with the subscription plan, you will be sure to have access to the most up to date document as internet laws evolve and change.




Thanks for sticking with us on all of the Cookie Policy Generators. As you can see there are lots of options and some are better than others. Some are free and others start as free but then end up being paid or a subscription model.

It should also be noted that once you have your cookie policy all set you will want a popup plugin to inform your visitors that your site uses cookies.  We have created a list of the best free and paid cookie popup plugins WordPress has to offer. I hope this cookie popup plugin post helps.

Did we miss any cookie policy generators?  Contact us or add them in the comments and we will check them out and add them to the post.


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