Different Types of WordPress Hosting

There are many ways to host your WordPress blog: free hosting, shared hosting or dedicated servers.  Below are the popular plan types and tips to help you determine the best option for your WordPress Hosting needs.diftypes-734

Shared WordPress Hosting:

This is the most common form of WordPress hosting. It involves placing a website on a server that also hosts many other sites. In effect, you will get inexpensive hosting with good services.

However, the performance of your website can improve or become worse according to the performance of other sites on the server. Still, shared hosting is a good option for beginners and can be substituted with better alternatives as your site gets popular.

  • Price Range: $5-$10 per month
  • Good For: personal sites, concept sites, hobby sites, limited budget sites
  • Pros and Cons: easy to set up and affordable but server performance may not always be reliable.

WPHR Recommended Shared WordPress Hosts:

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WordPress Business Hosting:

Business Plans are a step above shared hosting.  With business hosting the servers have fewer accounts and run faster with strong technical support.

We tell people/businesses to consider WordPress Business Hosting if you have a website that makes money or supports your offline business.

  • Price Range: $10-$40 per month
  • Good For: online business sites, support sites for offline business, fast sites
  • Pros and Cons: reliable option but less than Dedicated or VPS hosting. It is also ore expensive than shared hosting plans.

Recommended WordPress Business Hosts:

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WordPress VPS Hosting:

under such WordPress hosting, you will be the only person using the virtual server and have the power to make operating system and web server changes. This is not available in case of previous options.

  • Price Range: $25-$250 per month
  • Good for: higher security, special configuration, control oriented business sites
  • Pros and Cons: better control, stability, reliability but higher costs than shared or business hosting

Recommended VPS WordPress Hosts:

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Dedicated Server Hosting:

this includes high-end hosting services that are quite expensive and feature great benefits.

  • Price Range: $250-$500 per month
  • Good for: high volume sites, big budget business sites, high security sites
  • Pros and Cons: maximum control over server and websites but very expensive option

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WordPress Cloud Hosting:

unlike dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting does not keep your site on a specific server. Instead, it lives on several servers so that no problem can influence its performance.

  • Price: $20-$99 per month
  • Good For: big business sites that cannot afford downtime
  • Pros and Cons: superb performance but also extremely expensive

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WordPress as a Service:

there are certain companies that provide specialized service for WordPress Hosting. This includes servers, software, installation and maintenance of WordPress for you.

  • Price: $20-$99 per month
  • Good For: businesses that focus on other aspects
  • Pros and Cons: excellent service but there is lack of control

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WordPress Reseller Hosting:

this plan enables you to reseller server space and make money from support services.

  • Price Range: $20-$150 per month
  • Good for: resellers
  • Pros and Cons: great option for resell hosting seekers

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Green WordPress Hosting:

As the name suggests, this involves the use of energy saving servers to host websites. This kind of WordPress Hosting is affordable but highly reliable.

  • Price Range: $5-$15 per month
  • Good for: helping in saving the planet
  • Pros and Cons: eco-friendly but costly

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Budget WordPress Hosting:

One of the best alternatives for inexpensive hosting, this includes basic plans offered by well known companies.

  • Price Range: free to $5 per month
  • Good for: people with limited money, new sites
  • Pros and Cons: gets a site live but service may not be very good

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