Why cPanel Hosts are the best


cPanel is a very popular hosting control panel and it does very well hosting WordPress sites. This is because it makes controlling aspects of WordPress manageable. Things like database configuration, database management, backing up your website, a built in user interface for managing files etc…

This guide has several key elements that you will find helpful when using cPanel with WordPress.

MySQL Databases

This allows you to easily access your databases and manage users. If you have multiple WordPress sites on one hosting account this is very necessary. You can make custom databases and create users while managing their privileges.

Managing Domains

For some companies like Bluehost you can easily access your domains. Adding a new domain can be done from within cPanel. Also, you can easily create sub domains, addon domains and more.


One of the more popular installer scripts. Commonly referred to as a 1-click installer, Fantastico can easily install WordPress in just a few clicks. Companies that use Fantastico are HostGator, Site5, Rochen and more.


SimpleScripts is a 1-click installer that Bluehost and other companies use to install WordPress easily to your domain. It can update your versions and also install many other programs.

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