WordPress and Youtube – Ultimate plugin guide

wordpressyoutube-734With the increasing rise of video blogging, faster internet and templates, comes the rise of plugins. We at WordPress hosting reviews have also delved into video and, thought it would be useful to share our experience. A list of the best Youtube and WordPress Plugins.

WP Youtube


This plugin is really brilliant in terms of adding a video. All you need to have is the video id, and place it between brackets. On top of that you can easily color options for the video container whilst configuring a variety of options such as size, auto play and much more!



This is one of the fully featured plugins for WordPress / Youtube integration is is probably best for the more serious video bloggers. You can even have galleries based on a variety of options from search terms to top rated and so much more. You have the ability to select the type of player you would prefer, size, colour and the list goes on.

You can either go for the free basic version, or shell over a very reasonable $10 for the pro version.



Some people swear by this plugin and we can also see why. It is so easy to use that maybe it should come standard with WordPress. It’s as simple as tagging and YouTube video with a simple [vid] code snippet! You also have the option to display additional information such as title and duration. This is a basic plugin that does what you want without crazy difficult codes.



Wordtube supports streaming video formats (.flv and .swf), sound files (.mp3) and a variety of graphic files, all compiled in a wonderful playlist interface. Simply insert into your blog and your ready to go. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML to use this plugin.

Genki YouTube Comments


This is really a great idea! You might put videos on youtube and receive loads of comments on the YouTube website, but what about the comments on your blog where the video is posted? Well this little plugin fixes all that. It will grab the video comments from YouTube and display them on your blog, making it seem more lively whilst providing seo benefits.

[GWA] Google YouTube Video Bar


Did you ever want to add a dynamic Google YouTube bar to your blog? Well now you can with this nifty plugin. It will add a video bar that targets video depending on the content of your blog keeping visitors on your blog for longer. This plugin comes with a variety of setup options including display options and css controls.

Your Youtube Favorite Videos


If you have a bunch of favourite YouTube videos bookmarked or, in your YouTube playlist, you may want to share this. This little plugin allows you to do just that. Not only is this a plugin but it is also a widget. This plugin is very configurable and easy to use.

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