Install WordPress at Rochen Using Fantastico

Fantastico allows you to install WordPress quickly, in just a few clicks. It’s perfect for first-time users.

Fantastico does not allow you to customize databases. So, if you’re looking for extra security by customizing your database, consider installing WordPress at Rochen using the standard method.

Watch Install Video or Follow Steps Below:

Before you begin, you will need:

  1. A Rochen account (Sign up)
  2. Rochen Username & Password
  3. DNS configured (Domain name pointed to Rochen Server)

Step 1: Log into cPanel at Rochen

  1. Go to http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/cpanel
  2. Enter your Rochen username and password. click ‘Login’.

Step 2: Launch Fantastico

  1. Click ‘Fantastico De Luxe’ under ‘Software/Services’, to launch Fantastico.

Step 3: Begin the WordPress installation

  1. Click ‘WordPress’ under ‘Blogs’. You will see a short description in this screen. At the time of this guide being written, WordPress 3.2.1 was the latest version. They have been rolling out new versions a lot more frequently, get the latest version.
  2. Click New Installation.

Step 4: Enter the details of your new WordPress site

  1. Select the desired domain. Most likely you will only have one option.
  2. *Optional – Enter the website directory. Only necessary if you are NOT installing to your root directory. It’s recommended to keep this blank.
  3. WordPress Admin Username. This information will be used to login to WordPress. For this example we used to keep the default name, It is better to choose a more secure and unique admin username.
  4. WordPress Admin Password. Enter a secure password.
  5. Admin nickname. The name displayed when logged in as admin. You can use Admin / Webmaster / or Your Name. This can be changed after install.
  6. Admin e-mail. The Admin’s Email. The Email that a lost password goes to. This can be updated anytime after install. Make sure you have easy access to this email.
  7. Site Name. The name of your site. This can be changed after install. This should be a two or three words to describe your site.
  8. Site Description. This is a short description that appears on your website under the site name. Most WordPress themes use this as the main site description. You can change it later.
  9. Click the install button

*Note – This install method step skips the manual Install steps which include the License Agreement and Database Configuration. To install using your own configured database or FTP options, it is necessary to follow the standard WordPress install guide.

Step 5: Finish Installation


This screen shows you what will be created.

  1. Click ‘Finish Installation’ to complete the install

Step 6: WordPress Install Confirmation


This screen shows the core WordPress files that have been modified for your site.

  1. Note of your admin name and password
  2. Note the WordPress login link for your site
  3. Enter your email and click ‘Send E-mail’

Step 7: Confirm your blog is working

  1. Visit ‘’ (For us, it is to see make sure WordPress has installed successfully.

Step 8: Login to WordPress


Visit http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/WP-ADMIN to login to WordPress. For us it was

  1. Enter your Admin username and password and click ‘Login’.

Step 9: Congratulations and start blogging!


You have successfully installed WordPress using Fantastico at Rochen! Now it’s time to start creating your blog. You can create new blog posts, pages and find good templates for your site.

Other Methods of Installing WordPress at Rochen

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