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September 23, 2011

We were able to get time with Tom Sepper the Chief Operating Officer of Site5 to ask him a few questions about Site5, WordPress and the two together.

[Site5] are Tom’s answers and [wphr] are the questions from WordPress Hosting Reviews.

[wphr] Hi Tom, thanks for taking the time to answer question about Site5 and WordPress. Lets jump right in.

Why is Site5 a good fit for WordPress Blogs?

[Site5] The two big reasons are because our web hosting works perfectly with it, and because our support team is fully trained on it. Our team knows it very well and are always happy to help customers with any issues or give them suggestions if they are trying to do something new in it. Plus, we’re big supporters of WordPress and have been for a long time! We host thousands and thousands of WordPress websites for customers and it also powers a lot of the official Site5 website. For example both our question and answer section and knowledge base are powered by WP. We also sponsor a lot of WordPress meet ups and conferences in different areas.

[wphr] What easy WordPress installation methods or 1-click installers does Site5 provide?

[Site5] We currently provide one-click installation of WordPress through Fantastico, and we’re working on offering Softaculous in the near future.

[wphr] Site5 has several different types hosting plans. If a site out grows shared hosting what is the process to upgrade or downgrade plans?

[Site5] Upgrading from a shared hosting plan to a cloud hosting plan or VPS is very simple! Once the order is placed for the cloud plan or VPS and activated, all the customer has to do is submit a migration request form from within Backstage, our custom-built account manager. Our migrations team handles the rest!

[wphr]  How did Site5 come to be and what has been the path to get to its current state?

[Site5] Site5 was founded in 1999 by two individuals aiming to provide quality web hosting at a reasonable price while enhancing the customer experience with amazing custom software and features. Now in its twelfth year, Site5 is under new ownership but the overall goal hasn’t changed. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled, and we’re continuously offering an innovative customer experience with features and software not available anywhere else.

[wphr] Can you tell us a little bit about your staff? How many employees does Site5 have and where is tech support located?

[Site5] Site5 is a completely remote company! Each of our 63 staff members works from the comfort of their homes in locations all around the world. Among the countries represented: United States, Canada, Australia, England, India, Portugal, and more! We prefer this approach as it allows us to hire team members to work hours that are fairly regular in their country but may be considered “graveyard shifts” in the US. This allows our team to be fully alert and focused on one thing – providing the best possible customer support that we can! For more information on our team, visit our website:

We would like to thank Tom Sepper of Site5 for taking the time to answer our questions.

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If you have any questions for Site5 put them in the comments below and we will get them passed along.

Thanks! — Steven Johnson

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