SiteGround Reviewed by WordPress Hosting Reviews

The new review of SiteGround by WordPress Hosting Reviews calls them an “Experienced hosting company”. SiteGround was reviewed in detail and rated highly because of great service and performance.

Atlanta, Ga August 15th, 2012

WordPress Hosting Reviews (, released their review of SiteGround. SiteGround is a web hosting company with a wide range of hosting services. WordPress Hosting Reviews reviewed and tested SiteGround with a demo site that was monitored for 3 months. Read the review of SiteGround.

In the first part of the review, the editors talk about SiteGround’s expertise in helping new customers get started with web hosting. The editors break down the sign up and installation process calling it “Simple” and going as far as saying, “SiteGround has mastered the signup process”.

Many different web hosting companies like SiteGround use 1-click install software to get WordPress up and running. SiteGround uses Softaculous which the editors of the review said “It does a great job and takes about ten seconds”.

David Blane, WordPress Hosting Reviews Editor, talked about the speed and uptime of SiteGround. He said, “The true test of a great web hosting company is the integrity of their servers and server environment. Some can be super fast one day then crash the next. Others throttle users with too many processes. We look for the perfect balance. Especially on shared servers. After three months of monitoring our demo site on SiteGround’s shared server plan, we found that they have incredible speeds and uptime. We experienced a maximum of 500ms response time and an average of 575ms. You can look at our review to find out more details. Suffice it to say, we were impressed.”

At the end of the review the editors conclude that SiteGround has a technical know-how that exceeds the knowledge of a lot of new users. They slightly criticize SiteGround for aiming a little too much to the technical side in their approach to web hosting. They sum up the conclusion by saying, “SiteGround does not try to win you over, rather, they avidly give you solutions that will help you learn on your own.”

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