WordPress Authorship Plugin: Custom About Author

Use this plugin to set up a nice author profile at the bottom of each post. The best part is it will link to your Google+, Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you are trying to get your website to display your Google+ picture in Google’s search results, this plugin will work. It uses the ‘rel=author’ tag to link your website to your Google+ profile.

Step 1: Login to WordPress

  1. Type in your User name and password
  2. Click “Log In”

Step 2: Go to plugins area

  1. Hover mouse over “Plugins
  2. Click “Add New”

Step 3: Search for Plugin

  1. Type in “Custom About Author”
  2. Click “Search Plugins”

Step 4: Install Plugin

  1. Verify the plugin is an exact match of the search phrase. The plugin is created by “Little Handy Tips”
  2. Click “Install Now”

Step 5: Activate Plugin

  1. Click “Activate Plugin”

Step 6: Set up Plugin

  1. Hover your mouse over “Users”
  2. Click “Custom Authors”

Step 7: Customize Plugin


Choose where you want the plugin to display.

  1. Click any of the options then click “Save Changes”

Step 8: Go To Author Profile

  1. Hover your mouse over “Users”
  2. Click “Your Profile”

Step 9: Add Google+ or Website URL

  1. In this field you will want to enter the URL for where the author’s profile page is. This field will include a “rel=author” tag into the link. Add a link to your Google+ profile here to link articles by you or an author to their Google+

Step 10: Enter Author Information

  1. Enter biographical information here

Step 11: Social Networks

  1. Use this section to link icons at the bottom of the author profile to your social networks
  2. (Not Pictured) Click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page

Step 12: You’re Done


View one of the posts or pages that you have authored and see your author profile at the bottom of the page.


David writes for a couple different websites that work with hosting and consumer reviews. He brings real-world application to harder to understand concepts in order to help people learn about specific subject matter. He also knows HTML, CSS and PHP to help out with building and configuring sites.

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