WordPress Automatic Database Backup

Hopefully you know just as well as we do that you need to back up your database in wordpress. We just know that it’s easier with the right help. There are lots of backup tools out there so feel free to look at all of them and learn about which ones can help you the most. For WordPress there is a great, easy to use plugin that can save you a lot of time.

Plugin: WP DB Backup (WordPress Database Backup)

WordPress Plugin Page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-db-backup/

Installation: Through WP dashboard or FTP

Difficulty: Very Easy

Rating: High (Over 400 Ratings)

This plugin works mainly with saving the content of your WordPress site. Not anything beyond the limits of WordPress. It can be very useful if you accidentally overwrite a crucial part of your site, or you just want to restore a certain post or page.

To Install WP DB Backup:

  1. the plugin scroll down to “Add New” in the plugins section on the left side panel on your dashboard in WordPress
  2. Locate the search area and type in “WP DB Backup”
    1. To verify its the right plugin make sure it’s created by Austin Matzko, and above version 2.2.2
  3. Click install, then make sure to activate it.

To Configure WP DB Backup:

  1. look under the “Tools” area of the left side panel and click “Backup”
  2. To create a backup now look under “Backup Options” and select a method of backing up
  3. You can also schedule backups hourly, daily, or weekly. It’s a very helpful plugin.

We chose this plugin because it is highly rated by the WordPress community. There are others out there. If you find one you like, let us know! Contact WPHostingReviews.

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