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SiteGround Hosting Review
SiteGround offers exceptional hosting in a low priced plan that includes a lot of features. They have grown significantly since their inception and have some great offerings....
4.5 (1)
WP Engine Review
Founded by Jason Cohen and Aaron Brazell, the company is exceptional at WordPress Hosting, but ensures it’s prosperity by making your experience with them great. They promise...
3.6 (2)
Rochen Hosting Review
Rochen is a great WordPress host and Open Source supporter. For those not familiar with Rochen they are one of the larger Joomla hosts and are the...
4.0 (3)
Bluehost Review
Bluehost is another excellent WordPress host and are home to over 1 million domains. They have a long history of excellent service and support for open source...
3.4 (4)
Pagely Review
3.4 (1)
HostGator Review
HostGator is one of the best WordPress hosting companies, offering lots of hosting plans. Shared hosting up to dedicated servers, allowing for your site to grow without switching hosts....
4.2 (8)
Site5 Hosting Review
XXXSite5 is perfect for WordPress blogs. Knowledgeable support staff, fast servers and the ability to move to cloud hosting. We have hosted with Site5 for over 6 years and...
4.1 (5)
Kahuna Host
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GreenGeeks Review
GreenGeeks is a perfect way to help the environment while getting hosting. They have quite a few green initiatives including 300% Wind Power, carbon neutral, energy efficient...
3.5 (3)
Traffic Planet
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BuyHTTP Hosting Review
Since 2003, BuyHTTP has been providing web hosting services for Linux and Reseller accounts. They are a large reliable hosting company with: Excellent...
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InMotion Hosting Review
Founded in 2001, InMotion Hosting provides web hosting services for UNIX and Linux operating systems. Continuous monitoring, economy and high-performance servers make this company a trustworthy host....
3.7 (1)
HostMonster Review
HostMonster, hosts over 750,000 domains, is well established and a good choice for WordPress Hosting. To keep things simple they offer one full featured hosting plan. ...
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Lunar Pages Review
LunarPages, has a full range of hosting plans, 3 data centers and over 160,000 customers. If your hosting requirements may change, Lunar pages has hosting plans for...
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Yahoo Hosting Review
Yahoo is a great search engine and new portal but does not provide the best WordPress hosting. They have a full range of packages and tech support...
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1 and 1 Hosting Review
1&1 is one of the largest hosting companies, hosting hundreds of thousands of websites. They have a good reputation but users have had mixed results with WordPress...
2.9 (2)
GoDaddy Hosting Review
GoDaddy is known for their commercials and domain registration, WordPress Hosting is not one of their better services. They are a well established domain registrar but they...
2.5 (6)
DreamHost Review
DreamHost is an employee owned hosting company with a fun and quirky culture, the have many innovative hosting plans and custom control panels. They have a full...
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