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An ever-increasing amount of businesses are choosing WordPress for their website management needs. This amazing platform offers a way to flexibly edit a website with minimal technical knowledge while maintaining efficient usage of hosting resources.

The problem is that not every website host offers the best environment for WordPress websites. This means additional resources, slowdowns and other problems may be encountered where a static website may not.

Pressable acknowledges this, which is why they provide web hosting that specializes in WordPress. Their servers are optimized and configured to run optimally with WordPress while giving you the flexibility to scale up your hosting resources as your business grows.

Pressable WordPress hosting provides the kind of web hosting designed to support the modern business, which in turn allows you to take advantage of WordPress's flexibility, easy-to-use nature and efficient way of operating without suffering any drawbacks or extra costs.

Pros and Cons

The quickest and easiest way to understand how Pressable hosting works is to take a look at the pros and cons of their services. That's why those details have been included below. The thing to keep in mind when doing this is these are only general attributes. They may not apply to each and every one of Pressable offered services, which means that you should closely inspect any package or service before you purchase it.


  • Amazing WordPress Hosting – You'll try especially hard if you want to find a better WordPress host for a comparable price. Pressable gives you an excellent service with numerous extra features, which makes the WordPress hosting experience complete and hassle-free.
  • Customized Hosting – Unlike other hosts that offer typical shared and managed hosting plans that can be used for WordPress, Pressable's servers are configured to run WordPress optimally. This means your website can support more visitors while encountering fewer problems.
  • Daily Backups – Backups are a feature most hosting companies will force you to buy, but Pressable offers them as a standard service. Nightly backups ensure that, come rain or malicious super-hacker, your website can be restored with minimal loss of data.
  • Malware Scanning – Another feature that few hosting providers give freely is malware scanning. This will help prevent someone from leaving hidden entry points in your WordPress software that could be used several years down the road to harm you and your business.


  • Not the Best Customer Support – One of Pressable's weak points is that they don't have the best customer support. For example, they lack an email address that you can use to contact them. You must always log in to their website to submit a support request.
  • No Money-Back Guarantee – Pressable may offer a superior service, but they don't offer a money-back guarantee. The only thing this means is that you should go with a smaller package designed for a shorter duration when you're just testing the waters with Pressable.
  • Few Extra Services – Pressable doesn't sell domains, nor do they sell an excessive amount of extra services.

Customer Experience / Ease of Use

Reviews of Pressable seem to be mixed, though it's important to understand why. Pressable invests more into ensuring that their servers work exceedingly well and that their service succeeds in providing the best quality of WordPress hosting possible. Their customer support lacks because of this.

A lack of customer support is the most common complaint concerning Pressable, but even that seems to be waning. Pressable is currently focusing on implementing a personal touch with business owners.

Positive reviews of Pressable seem to be overwhelmingly positive. There are few complaints about downtime or other issues common to other web hosts. The number of visitors, the ease of establishing a website with Pressable and the overwhelming amount of collaborative tools make Pressable a favorite to their customers.

Customer Support

Ticket Support: Yes
Phone Support: Yes
Support Forums: Yes
Live Chat: Yes
Knowledge Base: Yes
Video Tutorials: Yes

Pressable offers support in two forms: a contact form and a support desk.

The contact form is designed to answer your questions before you become a proper customer with Pressable. They can answer specific details about hosting packages, as well as any other questions you may have before buying a package.

The support desk system is where the remainder of customer support for Pressable resides. This system is the main method of contact between customers and Pressable, as there is no customer support hotline or email publicly listed.

Response times for customer support inquiries seems to be minimal despite the online-only form of communication between customers and Pressable. Problems are often resolved on the same day that an issue is reported.

Hosting Plans & Packages

Pressable offers three main hosting packages. The differentiating factor between each of these packages is how many pageviews they support, which in turn determines how many monthly visitors your WordPress website can handle each month.

The other plans Pressable offers are the VIP and Private Cloud plans, which are designed to support much larger websites.

Pressable's Main Plans The three main hosting plans support anywhere between 1 to 20 websites and 15,000 to 100,000 shared pageviews. The only thing that differentiates the cheapest plan from the most expensive of the main plans are the number of websites it can support and the amount of pageviews.

Each plan comes standard with a CDN, optional SSL support, collaborator access, caching, SFTP access, malware scanning, intrusion detection and more.

This makes the standard hosting plans suitable for small to medium businesses, WordPress developers and people whom need multiple smaller website like Internet marketers. Given the amount of managed support that Pressable offers with their packages, this makes them especially adept at hosting multiple websites or keeping just one working without incident.

VIP and Private Cloud Plans

The VIP and Private Cloud plans from Pressable are designed to fulfill the needs of significantly larger websites, but they come with a matching price tag. The VIP plan is $750 a month and the Private Cloud plan is $3,500 a month.

These plans support significantly more pageviews and concurrent users visiting your websites. The VIP plan supports one website with one million or more pageviews, and the Private Cloud Plan supports an unlimited number of websites with an unlimited number of pageviews.

Compared to the previous plans, these also offer more resources. This makes them great for expensive plugins that would likely result in a suspension if you were using another host.

The VIP and Private Cloud plans are designed for large corporations and businesses to use. Their technical support is significantly higher than the support you receive with the other plans from Pressable.


  • Hosting Designed for WordPress
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Intrusion Detection and Malware Scanning
  • Nightly Backups
  • Tools Enabling Collaboration

Additional Online Services

Pressable does not currently offer any additional services. They don't even offer things like domain registration or SSL certificate acquisition, which means that you will have to go elsewhere for these things.

They do, however, support integrating these things with your website. You may able to do likewise with other services designed to best support your website.

Hosting Specialties

Pressable keeps it exceedingly simple by sticking to just hosting WordPress. This dedication to one platform makes their services exceedingly successful in delivering a superior hosting experience that lacks many of the challenges a traditional host would have.

This makes Pressable WordPress hosting perfect for small to medium businesses. If your business is large enough to warrant it, the hefty price associated with their VIP and Private Cloud plans may also be worth it due to the superior level of service you receive.

Company Details

Company Headquarters: San Antonio
First Year In Business: 2010
Founded By: Vid Luther

San Antonio-based Pressable is unique in that their company was started fairly recently under the name of ZippyKid. It was established during the early months of 2010 when Vid Luther saw just how frustrating the traditional hosting experience was for businesses trying to establish a digital presence.

Pressable was relaunched in its current form as a Content Publishing Platform in 2013. The goal was to make WordPress hosting as easy as possible for businesses while still offering them the ability to control their website as much as they wanted.

Pressable currently hosts websites belonging to businesses of all sizes. Their goal to allow businesses to publish content without worrying about the technical challenges has established them as one of the fastest-growing and most reliable WordPress hosting companies.

Data Center Details

Data Center Locations: United States

Pressable appears to have a data center in both Chicago and Virginia. These data centers are built with redundant power and security, which means that they will be able to weather both Mother Nature and any outside attacks.

Couple this with their added security, robust server hardware and efficient hardware cooling designs to quickly form the picture of two top-of-the-line data centers.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy: None

Unlike other web hosts, Pressable does not offer a money-back guarantee. They only offer a 15-day trial to see if you enjoy their services enough to purchase a package, which may not provide an accurate representation of their services given the small duration.

If you find that you wish to cancel your Pressable hosting, doing so is as simple as filing a support ticket using the help desk system. You may be asked for additional verification before your hosting services are halted.


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Great Wordpress hosting with a lack for customer support
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  • Hosting Designed for WordPress 
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  • Intrusion Detection and Malware Scanning 
  • Nightly Backups 
  • Tools Enabling Collaboration

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