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Ease of administration and upkeep, reliability and speed are three attributes that the modern business needs a website to have. These make maintaining the digital side of a business easy, which in turn makes it even easier to focus on productive things like publishing new content, creating new products and marketing.

The problem is that very few web hosts offer a solution that works with businesses. When they do offer something like that, it is extremely limited or overpriced.

Traffic Planet offers several affordable solutions for making a business website. They currently support countless websites, which range from small “Mom and Pop” WordPress websites to large, dynamic social networking websites for millions.

Let's examine what makes Traffic Planet such a flexible and reliable web host.

Pros/Cons of Traffic Planet Hosting

To obtain a better understanding of what makes Traffic Planet unique, let's examine some of the attributes that their services have. This will allow you to create reasonable expectations, which in turn will help you decide if Traffic Planet is the web host for you.

As with every product, it's important that you closely inspect each package. These pros and cons are meant to only be an overview, so they may not apply to every package or service offered by Traffic Planet.


  • Superior Performance – Traffic Planet's web hosting is renowned for the performance they deliver. Most websites will experience about the same load times regardless of the amount of content that the server needs to deliver or even produce for dynamic content. This is Traffic Planet's biggest strength.
  • Customer Support You Can Trust – While some web hosts outsource their support to cut costs, Traffic Planet ensures that their customer support always has a real person whom wants to solve your problem rather than to simply make you happy.
  • Intuitive Interface – Some WordPress hosts require that you be familiar with command line tools to utilize their services. Traffic Planet provides you with an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface that makes it possible to install and modify files in a way that is comfortable regardless of your technical skill level.
  • Generous Pricing – Considering the power and bandwidth you get with Traffic Planet's hosting packages, you receive a considerable amount of features for the amount you'll pay. Hosting Planet's prices are as competitive as regular shared hosting while offering the performance of VPS hosting or better.
  • WordPress Host that Provides Email Services – Most WordPress hosts won't provide you with email functionality due to the extra challenges, but Traffic Planet WordPress hosting does give you email functionality. This makes it possible to enjoy all the features of WordPress.
  • Support for Other Software – Although Traffic Planet's hosting is ideal for WordPress, it will also run other CMS and e-commerce software exceedingly well.


Limiting Interface – While Traffic Planet's hosting interface is designed to be more than sufficient for beginners and friendly to intermediate users, you may find that it is lacking. Their interface may not provide as much flexibility as software like cPanel provides, but they are working to rectify this by adding new features on a regular basis.

Traffic Planet's Packages

Traffic Planet offers three different hosting plans: Business, Professional and Elite. Each plan is designed to accommodate a different amount of traffic and use, which ranges from a small amount to several million hits per month.

Understanding the difference between each of these plans will help you make an informed decision about Traffic Planet's services as a whole.

Each plan listed below includes: dedicated memory, daily backups, security, technology such as OPCache and SSD cache designed to make your website load faster and tier 1 connectivity.

Business Plan

The Business Plan is the entry plan for businesses seeking web hosting. This plan offers the smallest amount of allocated resources and supports the least amount of traffic, but it can be used to give you an idea of how reliable and powerful Traffic Planet's hosting is.

This plan includes: 10 GB of disk space, 50 GB of monthly traffic and support for up to 5 website installations.

The Business Plan will be sufficient if you have multiple small blogs or websites, or if you have one blog that experiences around 10,000 visits a month. You may run into issues with this hosting if you have peak hours or times where a large amount of users are simultaneously trying to visit your website.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan is Traffic Planet WordPress hosting designed for businesses with a small network of websites or one large website. It provides resources capable of supporting WordPress blogs, e-commerce websites and more for a price that stays competitive with less required maintenance.

The Professional Plan is the “most popular” plan from Traffic Planet. It provides: 20 GB of disk space, 100 GB of monthly data transfer and support for up to 15 different websites.

If you already have a website with a moderate amount of traffic or you plan to have surges in traffic, then this is the plan you will want to try. It's designed to be used by small to medium businesses, which makes the monthly price of $49.99 incredibly reasonable given that you have to perform little to no maintenance.

Elite Plan

Traffic Planet's most robust plan is the Elite Plan. It is designed for businesses that have a sizable amount of resource requirements or for businesses that have around 100,000 visitors a month. It is capable of running multiple e-commerce websites simultaneously without forcing 503 errors.

The Elite Plan includes: 40 GB of disk space, an unlimited amount of bandwidth transfer and support for up to 35 different websites.

The only drawback to this plan is the amount of disk space provided. 40 GB may not be enough for websites that have an exhaustive amount of high-definition media to go along with hundreds of thousands of blog posts.

With that being stated, this plan does provide an extreme amount of power for a price that manages to stay underneath the cost of a dedicated server from another host. Couple this with the fact that you do not need to act as your own technical support, and this plan can be attractive to businesses trying to save on web hosting costs.


  • Powerful, Fast Web Servers
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Servers Capable of Running WordPress and More
  • Daily Backup, Security Monitoring and More as Standard Features
  • Friendly and Effective Customer Support

Additional Services

Traffic Planet only provides domain registration as an additional service. Their prices are as competitive for domain registration as their hosting plans are.

Services other web hosts would force you to purchase separately are included with Traffic Planet's packages as standard features. This is an impressive feature that adds a considerable amount of value to their hosting plans.


Traffic Planet hosting specializes in providing incredibly powerful web hosting for a fraction of the cost that other web hosts would require. They do this by providing you with a simple-to-use interface, which in turn allows you to take care of most of the web administration responsibilities.

This makes Traffic Planet WordPress hosting perfect for small to medium businesses that need problem-free hosting for their website. Given that Traffic Planet also supports email and other CMS platforms, this makes Traffic Planet's hosting even more flexible for businesses looking to expand their digital side.

Data Center

Traffic Planet's servers are located in the Lakeside Technology Center in Chicago, Illinois. This facility has top-of-the-line capabilities, which is why Traffic Planet utilizes it for their data center needs.

The data center itself has four fiber vaults, three electric power feeds, redundant backup, a built-in cooling facility that utilizes thermal energy storage for cooling during peak hours and more.

This makes the data center Traffic Planet uses one of the most robust and cost-efficient data centers in the world, which in turn is why Traffic Planet can provide hosting as such attractive rates. They are also able to reinvest in their own technology, which means that they can upgrade their servers as new server technology is released.


Traffic Planet hosting was created by Terry Kyle as a means to support Traffic Planet, which is a website dedicated to helping web entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses with leveraging the power of Internet marketing.

Though Traffic Planet is fairly new, they utilize an experience team of professionals to design the hardware and software components of their hosting services. Given that these are designed by experts in digital marketing, this means that they are incredibly familiar with the needs of the modern business with regards to websites.

Traffic Planet currently supports thousands of websites that receive millions of views each day. The value of their plans and their friendly customer support have been two factors that have allowed them to rapidly grow.

User Experience

Most users have rated Traffic Planet highly for their ability to provide simple and problem-free hosting with incredibly fast load times and a high degree of reliability. Traffic Planet's desire to solve problems before they develop by designing solutions from the ground up has been another reason past customers have chosen to continue using their services.

The only negative feedback concerning Traffic Planet relates to its interface. It remains relatively simplified, which more technical users have remarked requires numerous workarounds and disallows the usage of some software.

Customer Support

Traffic Planet provides support in the form of a support ticket system. After submitting a ticket, you will need to utilize email to maintain correspondence.

You may also utilize Traffic Planet's live chat system to request support, but agents will usually redirect you to the support ticket system. This is done to keep a history of any technical issues and to ensure your support requests are processed.

Guarantee + Cancellation

Traffic Planet provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on any hosting package you purchase. You may cancel your hosting within the first 30 days to receive a full refund on your hosting less the cost of any non-refundable charges, which includes the cost of domain registration.

Any refunds that occur after the first 30 days will be given pro-rated.

You may cancel by creating a support ticket, or by logging in to Traffic Planet and clicking on the “Cancel” link in the account dashboard.

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Traffic Planet offers several affordable solutions for making a business website. They currently support countless websites, which range from small “Mom and Pop” WordPress websites to large, dynamic social networking websites for millions.

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