Ferrari Dealership List SEO Ranking Experiment

Ferrari Dealership SEO Experiment

Welcome to our Ferrari Dealership List Experiment.

Summary: Can we create a list of Ferrari dealers in North & South America and get it to rank in google?

I want to do this methodically and record the results. So updates to this page will be done in real time. So I can remember all the steps and most likely work that is involved.  Additionally, it may help others who are wanting to learn.

Lets first start with the Scientific Method. I found this helpful page:

Step 1: Ask a question.

My question: What does it take and is it possible to rank a web page for terms related to Ferrari Dealers USA, Ferrari Dealership List and others.

Step 2: Do Background Research

I suppose here it will be to look at the search term results, review the ranking pages, and determine how competitive the niche or search terms are.

Step 3: Test with an Experiment

I think this will be determining what relevant information should be on the page, gathering all of the information, designing and creating the page.


Experiment Updates

May 11, 2019

Created Dealership blog post on my site

About the URL

Created a category called cars, since I hope to publish other car related posts.

Went with the URL of /ferrari-dealership-directory/ this seemed short sweet and to the point.  I thought about calling it a list but ended up going with directory since directory had a larger more complete feel to it.

I would like the post to be a bit more complete but I projects are never really 100% ready and I wanted to get the page up sooner rather than later.

Set up Keyword Tracking

Using one of my favorite keyword tracking tools SERanking I started tracking a few Ferrari Dealership related keywords.  This is the measuring of the results part of the experiment.

Ferrari dealership directory
Ferrari dealership list
Ferrari dealer directory
Ferrari dealer list

I am not entirely sure of all the related search terms, so I expect this list to grow as time progresses.  It is a good start for now.   Also as far as I know the word Ferrari has never been on Steven meaning we are starting at ground zero for these keywords and search terms.

We are officially off to the races!

May 18 & 19

Added some more information and further formatted the post.  Started adding images of the exterior of the dealerships to the post.  I think this should be helpful since people may recognize the dealership near them or at a minimum they can see what the dealership looks like.

Ranking Results — The dealership posts and even this experiment post are starting to show in the SERP results.  This post is initially outranking the actual dealer post, I think that is because WP Hosting Reviews is a more established domain name.

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