Tracking, Logging & Redirecting WordPress 404 Error Pages

Tracking and Keeping up with 404 errors often overlooked and it is too bad.  Keeping up with 404 errors on your wordpress can help with the following items.

  • Help users find the information they need
  • Help search engines stay up to date
  • Improve rankings
  • identify potential URL issues on your site
  • help keep everything clean and organized


404 and Redirection Plugins

Yoast SEO

I know Yoast SEO can handle the redirections, not sure if Yoast will track and log the 404 Pages



This is a redirection specific plugin and it is a great option.


It will do everything you need for redirection, and it is free


404 Error Monitor

Have not tried this one but the last time it was updated was

Other 404 Plugins

Reasons you may want to track 404 Pages.


When you convert a website from another CMS to WordPress.  If you are familiar with Content management systems you know they all seem to have different URL structures and special page URLs.  After you convert, it is a great



Additional Resources

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