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With most of the world managing much of their marketing, shopping, decision making and business life either online, or through the internet in one way or another, it’s become apparent that services like shared WordPress hosting are necessary for a variety of users. When it comes time to search for a server to host your website, there are various points to take into consideration. This can be a very personal process, because you’ve got to include topics such as pricing, maintenance, and the size of your company in your original decision making, and think about what you want your site to be able to do as a whole. Depending on the outcomes of these points, you may decide to go with a shared hosting service over a dedicated hosting experience, which begs the questions: what is Shared WordPress hosting, how does it work, and will it work for you?

Top Rated Shared Hosts

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Bluehost is another excellent WordPress host and is home to over 1 million domains. They have a long history of excellent service and support for open-source projects. Read our full Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review Other Benefits: One full featured plan Responsive Tech Support Excellent WordPress Host and Open source supporter It is worth learning more and considering Bluehost and reading our reviews.
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Site5 is perfect for WordPress blogs. Knowledgeable support staff, fast servers and the ability to move to cloud hosting. We have hosted with Site5 for over 6 years and they have not let us down. Site5 are a great fit for those looking for redundant or business class hosting. They developed one of the best multi-site control panel, for those with multiple WordPress blogs. Read Full Site5 WordPress Hosting Review Site5 Benefits: Fully Redundant Cloud Hosting Excellent Tech Support Perfect hosting companies for businesses Servers configured correctly for WordPress


What Shared Hosting Means

Shared WordPress hosting is essentially when a WordPress website owner decides to use a server that is also being utilized by many different websites. This is an alternative to using a dedicated web server, which, although may be a more optimal choice for large companies with huge amounts of traffic, and a need for excessive bandwidth, isn’t always the greatest choice for small sites that maybe don’t have the money to spend on singular hosting. There are benefits and drawbacks to this option, just as there are to any other decisions that you make regarding your business, but the service does work for thousands of website owners worldwide, and has been evolving as time progresses. The opportunities that this format gives its users are many, and although it may be viewed as a discounted type of service, the quality is not found to be lacking by its many users.

Who Should Try Shared WordPress Hosting

As mentioned above, shared WordPress hosting is a good choice for smaller businesses like startups and blogging, because it takes a large server and cuts it into pieces to be shared among many smaller users. The reason that it would fail if large companies decided to use this form of hosting is because the quota of each site might get used up and it would slow things down, cause problems with other sites, and just make a mess of the entire process. When small sites use this form of hosting, they gain access to fast, seemingly unlimited usage which is great because many of these smaller users need to put their best foot forward for new visitors.

Maintenance Efforts

Taking care of your site is a huge part of running a business and blogging online, because your success is almost entirely based on the traffic that comes in and out of your webpage. One of the advantages that shared hosting offers is that many of the main companies utilize the skills of well-trained professionals to focus on the maintenance and uptimes. The ease and convenience of administration panels has also become better as years go on, due to the competition posed by different servers offering similar services and prices for their shared options.

Shared Hosting Price Points

Costs for web hosting can be huge if you choose to use a dedicated service, but when you break it down and share it with other users you gain the benefit of much lower prices. Many hosting fees range from between 4 and 10 dollars a month, while non-shared services can run up to 150 dollars per month or more. There are many different companies that offer shared WordPress hosting, and each has its own pros and cons to consider when it comes to the financial aspects. You may find that some services are cheaper than others, but the more expensive ones offer additional features that could help make your site run more smoothly.

As mentioned previously, this form of hosting isn’t the best choice for every website owner and operator, but for thousands of others it does everything that needs to be accomplished, and provides top quality service for a fraction of the cost of other methods. The best thing to do when it comes time to search for a new host, or if you’re looking for the first time, is to research what you need your particular website to operate in with regards to speed, quality, and how much bandwidth you’ll be expecting to use each month. If you can operate on a shared prospect, speak to providers about the idea of a monthly trial to test the waters before you jump in with both feet.

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