Contact Us Page Best Practices

Contact Us Page Best Practices

Every site needs a “Contact Page” and every “Contact Page” should have specific details to make it useful to visitors and customers. 

When researching best practices for contact pages, we found lots of posts listing stylish, well-designed, and ‘pretty’ contact pages.  None of those posts discuss what information to include on the contact page to make it successful.

This is that missing post.

These items should always be included on your contact page. 

  • Physical Address(es)
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Email Address(es)
  • Contact Form
  • Social Media Channels

If you provide visitors with the information they are looking for and your company trust will dramatically increase.

Physical Address

At a minimum, include the main or corporate office address. If you have any remote or branch offices, include these also. 

In addition to the physical address, link it or add an additional link to Google Maps or your favorite mapping service.  By linking the street address to the maps it allows the visitor usually in a car to easily get directions to your office.

It is no fun to copy and paste an address on a phone into google maps or Waze.  So make it easy on your visitors and link to if for them.

This site links their address to directly Google Maps.

Contact Us Page Address Links to Google Maps


Here the company added a link clearly labeled get directions.  When you click the link it opens a new tab to Google Maps.

Contact Us Page Link to Google Maps

Phone Numbers

At a minimum include the primary phone number. When adding the phone number use phone number specific HTML.

By adding the phone number markup, it tells the search engines it is a phone number and makes it easier to dial the number. When someone is on a mobile phone, they can just tap the link and the phone will dial the number.

Here is the HTML Code to make a phone number link dial on click

<a href=”tel:123-456-7890″> 123-456-7890 </a>

Essentially it is an standard HTML link but you add tel: before the number in the href.  If you like this here is a great post on how to link other special items

Additional Number to consider displaying:

  • Customer Service Numbers
  • Press Contact / Media Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Accounting / Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable

Email Addresses

add the main email address and have it linked so that when a visitor clicks it opens their email application and starts the email.

Usually, or is best. Sometimes companies use or some other clever email address. The email address has a little latitude for creativity, just do not get too clever.

If the company is larger and has a dedicated email address for different departments, include those also. Examples could be:


Whatever email address(es) you choose to do display, make sure someone is actively checking it.  It reflects very poorly for a potential customer to use the published contact email and have it bounce.

Contact Form

This is another big contact page best practice, adding a contact form makes it easy for someone to request information. In addition to making it easy for the visitor, the request can easily be routed to the appropriate person. 

Contact forms can take on a life of their own, so we have the Best Practices for Contact Forms post. Here we go into great detail all the elements and best practices for a successful contact form.

Social Media Channels

This one is often overlooked but I think a super important one to add your contact page.  Many times when people go to the contact page they are just looking to learn more about your company or website.  If they see you have a physical address, phone numbers they know you are a more trustworthy organization.

Social networks also fall into this same category, if they see you are active on social media, they can see what you have been up to, what you post about, how active your company and what sort of social following you have.

So make it easy for them to see what your social following is and put links to your social networks right on your contact page.  Who knows you may pick up a few new followers.

Additional Contact Details to Include

These items can be included if you have them, they are not top priority but are more nice to have

  • Hours of Operations / Time Zones
  • Any Additional Languages
  • Estimated Response Times
  • Chat
  • Fax Numbers (if they have them)
  • Outside Pictures of your building
  • Pictures of the inside of your office
  • Virtual Office Tour

Hours of Operations

Does your company have standard hours you are open?  Let people know. Again your trust factor will go up if visitors perceive you are reliable and they know when to expect you are open.

Hours can be displayed like

  • Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST
  • 9 am – 5 pm – Monday through Friday
  • 9 am – 5 pm (PST)

If you are a global business and operate across time zones remember to include your time zone.

Contact Us Hours of Operation

Additional Languages

Does your company speak or do business in any additional language? Great! then put them on your contact page.  Do not alienate any potential customers by failing to let them know you can do business in their native tongue.

Depending on your situation this could be a 2nd phone number marked as English, Spanish, or whatever.  Additionally, you can have sections of the contact page created in the different languages.

The way you implement it is up to you but if you are fluent in other languages let people know on your contact page.

Estimated Response Times

If you know you about how long it takes to respond to a contact request, let people know.  Nothing worse than expecting a response the next day and having to wait a week.

Visitors will see you much more favorably if they know what to expect.

Response time examples:

  • Thanks for your interest, we typically respond in 24 hours.
  • Happy to hear from you, expect a reply in the next 3 business days

Live Chat

Do you have live chat? Mention it here.

Visitors may have overlooked the popup in the lower corner or side of the browser.

Fax Numbers (if they have them)

Faxes are have become less and less the standard. If you or the website you are working on have them be sure to add it to your website.

Banks, Doctors Offices, and Lawyers sometimes require them.

Pictures of the Outside of Your Office

Having pictures of the outside of your office helps visitors get a feel for your business.  If they have seen it before then it helps them locate it in their mind.

Lastly having external images really helps if visitors will be coming to your physical location. Having seen the outside of your building helps them as they get closer.

Pictures of the Inside of Your Office

This one can be trickier, not every office is super hip and modern. If you do want to show off the workspace then add some pictures of the office space.

For internal photos, a clean office works best but not stock photo clean. You still want it to look like people really work there.

Virtual Office Tour

Not everyone has these but if you do it should definitely be added to your contact page. Just make sure everyone picks up before the photographer comes. 🙂

Example:  Red Clay Interactive Virtual Office Tour

Red Clay Virtual Office Tour

Organizing the Contact Page

Now that you have your contact page building blocks, it is time to arrange them on the page. This can get tricky.  

Contact pages are mostly empty space so that contact details are front and center.  One good approach is to organize them into 3 sections:

  1. Contact Form – Submit an online request – Contact Form
  2. Contact Details – Phone numbers, physical addresses, social networks,
  3. Map Section – display where your office is in a city
Here is an example of these 3 sections:
Contact Page Organization Best Practices

Here is the live version of the Rubix Marketing Contact Page

Contact Page Linking Best Practices

Contact Link Locations

Once you have your page complete, the next one of the contact us page best practices is where to link to the page.

At a minimum, the link to the page should be in one of two key locations. Ideally is added to both of locations.

  1. Header (main menu or above header menu)
  2. Footer

In general, the contact link should be furthest to the right in the main menu system or easy to find in the upper right corner.

Show screenshots of each

Contact Link Anchor Text

The link text should be either:

  • Contact
  • Contact Us

Do not get fancy here. As much as you may want to, do not go cutesy or clever with the anchor text for the contact page links.

Web users expect to see either contact of contact us as the link. Do not make them think more when trying to locate one of the most important pages on your site. Plus by going with the expected terms it is one less decision or internal debate you will have to oversee.

Contact Page Meta Data

All the same general metadata rules apply.  Keep the Meta Title to just under 60 characters and the description to 155 to 160 characters. 

Don’t stop there with some boring and uninformative tags, make it useful and helpful. Take advantage of the space you have.

Meta Title or Page Title


  • Contact us – Google
  • Contact Carbonite Customer Service | Carbonite
  • Contact Us | Amtrak
  • Contact SEJ – Search Engine Journal

For the page titles, it generally works best to lead off with Contact and the Company name. If you have something short such as a department that can be added, but in general keep the meta title short and sweet. 

Page Description

Example Page descriptions

  • TechSoup Client Services is open Monday – Friday starting at 7 a.m. Pacific time.
  • Ways to contact teams at Google.
  • Have a question about your phone or plan? Contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the best customer service!
  • Contact PayPal for answers to all of your online payment questions or to sign up for our services! PayPal is the world’s leading online payment processor.
  • Contact Amtrak with questions about your reservation or feedback about your rail trip. Just share your contact information and we’ll be in touch.
  • Contact a Carbonite Customer Service representative for sales questions, inquiries, and customer support, available by phone seven days a week and online 24/7.
  • We welcome feedback, but please note that we are not currently accepting new contributors or unsolicited guest.

From these examples, it is best to start off with the word “Contact” followed by your company name and then what people can contact you about.

If you have space in the description it is good to include the contact hours.

Contact Form Best Practices

Contact forms are a crucial part of the contact form and many companies will lead with the contact form first. Check out Definition 6 their contact page is essentially a contact form.

When it comes to contact forms keep the fields to a minimum.

  • Name (can be broken to first and last)
  • Email Address
  • Message

If a phone number to call someone back is seems normal then you can add it. In general people who submit a form are just looking for an email back. If they are looking to speak on the phone then they would pick up the phone an call you.

If you are looking for even more information on creating the best form, check out our post on Contact Form Best Practices. It goes into all the detail you can handle.

Having a simple, clean, easy to use contact form is very important. I have seen companies insist on all fields being required while collecting semi-personal details only to get just a few spam submissions. Keep this from happening to you.

In General, keep the form to Name, Email Address, and Message. Feel free to put your own spin on the message label. If you have a fun company persona, let it show in those 5 or 6 words.  Do not go over the top people still, need to understand what should go in the message box.

For more ideas and recommendations, check out our super awesome Contact Form Best Practices post.

Poor Contact Us Practice Consequences

If you do not make your contact us page easy to locate or short on information the website can be seen and unreliable, not trustworthy or difficult to work with.



Contact Us Page Best Practices Conclusion

This was a long read but you made it through it.  We really hope you have found some helpful items. 

The key takeaways are 

  • Always include a Phone number, Physical Address, Email Address, Contact Form.
  • Link the address to a Map/Direction Application
  • Make sure the contact form works and someone is checking for submissions
  • Make sure someone is checking the published email inbox
  • Include Social Networks (you may get a new follower)
  • Keep the page clean so the contact details are easy to find


Questions? Suggestions? Thoughts?  Let us hear in the comment section below. It will help us create a better post for everyone.

PS We love people linking to this page!


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