Contact Us Page Best Practices

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Contact Us Page Design Overview

Every site needs a Contact page and every contact page needs specific details and info to make it useful.  

When researching contact us page best practices, I found lots of posts that show well designed pages but not many posts that talked about what should be included on the page. This lack of detail became the genesis for this post.

Information to include on the Contact Page

Here are some guidelines, suggestions / best practices and examples for creating a the best contact us page.

What to Include

Contact Information / Contact Methods

  • Company Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Fax Numbers (if they have them)
  • Email Address
  • Chat
  • Social Media Channels
  • Hours of Operations / Time Zones
  • Multiple Languages
  • Wait times for immediate reposnses
  • Approximation for reponse times (24 hours/ 3 business days / etc)


Phone Number

At a minimum include the main office Phone number.

Additional Number to consider including

Customer Service Numbers

Press Contact or Media Relations

Investor Relations

Accounting / Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable




Include addresses for the main or corporate office

Include addresses for any branch or remote locations

With Physical Address include a link (that opens in a new window) to map application where they can get directions

External building photos so visitor can visualize the locations.




Linking to Contact Us Page Guidelines

The link to the contact us page at a minimum should be in two key contact locations and should really be added to both locations.

  1. Main Menu or Top Utility Menu
  2. Footer

In general, the contact link should be furthest to the right in the main menu system or easy to find in the upper right corner. 

Show screen shots of each

In addition to location the text should be either 

  • Contact
  • Contact Us

Contact Form Best Practices

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Poor Contact Us Practice Consequences

If you do not make your contact us page easy to locate or short on information the website can be seen and unreliable, not trustworthy or difficult to work with.



Additional Resources and Further Reading



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