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When you are new to a relatively new kind of technology certain terms seem to be confusing and their meanings may fly right over your head. When it comes to the Internet, terms like website, email, and social media may be much more common than terms like hosting, virtual private servers, and hosting because these may be a bit more difficult to grasp. So when you discover that you need these things in order to improve your online presence you may feel a little behind the 8-ball so to speak, and in need of a little help.

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While many people may be concerned with getting their blog or website online, they may not give as much attention as they should as to how to go about finding a host. Many may be focusing on writing an informative blog that is full of valuable information about their field of expertise but may not realize that the host they choose also needs due diligence.

There are many benefits to selecting a web host for your business’ online presence; it can improve your SEO position and increase your sales results. With the number of WordPress hosting options available you do need to do your homework and make sure that you fully understand the differences in each one. That knowledge can make it easier to make informed decisions when choosing the right type of hosting.

What Is WordPress VPS and How Does It Differ From Others?

When you have a VPS or a Virtual Private Server for WordPress you are using a system that shares resources with a much larger server. It is called a virtual server because it doesn’t have any specific hardware that you must maintain but at the same time it functions as if it is an independent server dedicated only to the needs of your business. Websites that use VPS servers can take advantage of many different resources without having to deal with the interruptions in services because of how the constant ebbs and surges of online traffic from other sites can affect the system.

While this type of system can be far more affordable than having your own dedicated server there are far more advantages to using a VPS WordPress to host your blog than you may realize.

Better Security

When it comes to business, security should be a major concern for many different reasons. Your website could easily become compromised causing proprietary information to be lost, stolen, or even exposed to unscrupulous computer hackers. With a VPS host environment your blog will be less vulnerable to infiltration. With your own dedicated security settings your privacy as well as those of your followers will be much more secure.

Improved Performance

You always want visitors to your site or blog to have a smooth experience when they are with you. Sites that are slow to upload or that have glitches due to increased activity by things out of your control can have a negative impact on your ranking. In shared hosting environments there could also be issues with memory leaking that can affect how your online presence is affected. With a VPS hosting environment your sites performance will naturally improve when it does not have to compete for access to the same server.


Whether you’re running a blog or an ecommerce site you want your site to be adaptable to many different circumstances. Having easy access to your site whenever and wherever you need to be can be a major plus. With a Virtual Private Server you have full control of your dedicated resources so that you are free to perform any task you need to do whenever you need it without fear of interference. This way, your site can be as busy and dynamic as it needs to be in order to keep moving your business forward.

As with any business website you know that when your site is down your doors are closed for business. One of the main reasons you have a website or a blog is to give your visitors access to your information, product, or services 24/7 and with a VPS hosting environment you are always able to do this.

Making the decision to choose a VPS hosting server really comes down to a few basic things. First, how important is security for you and your viewer? For many businesses this one fact alone is enough to make the switch from a shared server to a VPS. However, taking into consideration other factors like improved performance and adaptability as well can make having a VPS server much more inviting than you may have previously thought.

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