Blog Post Table of Contents – 10 Inspirational Examples

Blog Post Table of Contents

Into long-form blogging? Have extensive and detailed articles or posts?  A user-friendly and well-designed Blog Post Table of Contents is Exactly what you need.

Not all websites and online resources have them, but when the publisher has included them, the content becomes much more accessible.  

We searched for and reviewed hundreds of posts, articles and online resources looking for the best Table of Contents Examples. 

While searching we were looking at post subject matter, UI/UX, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and HTML and CSS implementation. All of these factors we considered in selecting our final list.   If available we included website code, CMS and TOC plugin details. 

Added bonus, ff you are using WordPress checkout our post on the Best WordPress Table of Content Plugins

Here are our favorite Blog Post Table of Content Inspirational Examples.

MacRumors: Mac Pro Rumors

Here Mac Rumors put the text on the right side and the content starts at the same point as the Table of Contents. I think this works because they have no right sidebar for widgets.

Website and TOC Code Details

I took a look at the HTML code and no comments about it being auto-generated. My guess with the MacRumors being custom coded, the TOC is created by hand or some internal tool they have.

Additional Thoughts: Mac Rumors, seems to put Table of Contents on their main pages while the smaller 

DCRainmaker: Garmin Fenix 6 Review

DC Rainmaker is a fantastic site for all thing tech, endurance sports, cycling, running and just cool things in general.  At this site they have implemented a table of contents for many years.  

The table of content appears in a fixed position on the screen and remains visible as the visitor scrolls down the page.  I would imagine the usability is pretty easy and the engagement it high.

Anyway this is another great example of a table of content on a blog post. 

DC Rainmaker Top of Review Page

It is a little difficult to see from the image but you will notice that the TOC on the left area of the page remains in a fixed position so that it is always visible to the visitor.

DC Rainmaker Middle of Review Page

Website & TOC Code Details

Other Notes: I really like how this is done the table of contents remains on the screen as the visitor scrolls down the page.  A more involved version of this would be to display the table of contents in the content area but if the browser area is wider than the width of the content area then the table of contents floats on the left side of the content just out of the content area.

MyBloggerTricks: Multi-Level TOC List

My blogger tricks is an excellent example of a multi-level table of contents. This post has lots of content and sub content. 

The use of colors and font sizes really helps you get a feel for how the document is organized.

Website & TOC code details

Further Thoughts: I really like the layout of the Table of Contents. The entire block appears to be centered horizontally in the column.  The block has a light grey background allowing it to display as a unit giving it some definition. The block also appears to be 80% to 90% of the colum width helping it to stand out even further.

Design Notes: The width is 80% and the margin is set to auto

MacWorld: Catalina OSX info

MacWorld is a well established new resource for all things Mac. 

I really like this table of contents, clean, none of the ordered elements that you find on some of the other examples in this list

Website & TOC code details

It is a cleaner look and in two columns. The cleaner look is because none of the ordered elements used in the other examples are used here. Just clean text for the subheadings.

Additionally, the table of contents is the full width of the content area and given a solid blue background so that it stands out a block and as a User Interface (UI) element.

Mangools: Google Rich Snippets Post

Mangools is an SEO Tool company so you think they are going to know a thing or two about Usability (UI/UX) and SEO.  This rich snippet tool post is extremely detailed and lengthy.

The Table of Contents has been added outside the content area on the left side of the post. It is always visible on the visitors desktop-sized screen and helps them understand where they are in the post.

Website & TOC code details

​This is a fantastic example of a vertical table of contents displaying on the left side of the screen. This layout works well for pages that have quite a bit of content and are more likely to be viewed on a full desktop.

It is similar to the DC Rainmaker example except that the table of contents is much larger and Mangools gives it more priority on the page going from almost top to bottom of the browser.


There are lots of great ways to set up and implement your blog post table of contents.  We hope this post has given you a few ideas.

We love comments, suggestions and discussion.  So if you have any thoughts please post them below.

Thanks! — Steven

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