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We were able to talk with James Grierson and ask him a few questions about Bluehost, WordPress and how they work together.

[bh] are James’ answers and [wphr] are the questions from WordPress Hosting Reviews.

[wphr] Bluehost is a popular choice among WordPress community, why is this?

[bh] Bluehost works very closely with the WordPress platform to ensure server compatibility, easy installations and rapid updates.

[wphr] What are the benefits of using Bluehost for WordPress over other hosting companies?

[bh] Bluehost provides 1 click installs and updates within 24 hours of a new WordPress release.

[wphr] What percentage of your customers are using WordPress?

[bh] Over 1/3 of all websites hosted by Bluehost are WordPress installs.

[wphr] What’s the best and easiest way to install WordPress at Bluehost?

[bh] Using SimpleScripts a user can install WordPress in less than 1 minute.

[wphr] What is the relationship be Bluehost and SimpleScripts?

[bh] SimpleScripts was created due to a need. Bluehost customers wanted to have a way to keep things up to date and make installations easier. Nothing in the marketplace met those needs and some very talented Bluehost employees built SimpleScripts.  This helped both the customers and our company by reducing the need of help when installing open source products.

[wphr] What server configuration steps has Bluehost taken to ensure that WordPress works without technical issues?

[bh] We work directly with the WordPress core development team to ensure compatibility with each new release.  All new releases are installed, upgraded and uninstalled to make sure they are fully compatible on our system.

[wphr] What does Bluehost offer in terms of WordPress technical support?

[bh] Bluehost offers technical support for the installation, upgrade and removal processes.

[wphr] What is the process to migrate an existing WordPress site to Bluehost?

[bh] There are a number of tools available to backup a WordPress installation.  Once done the end user can use SimpleScripts to install WordPress and then upload their backup.  We are working on some tools to make the process even simpler in the future.

[wphr] What are the benefits and reasoning behind only having one hosting plan?

[bh] Almost all customer needs are included in one hosting plan.  This plan makes it simple and easy for the end user to choose what they need to get their website up and running.  Once a customer has a hosting plan they can purchase add-on products they may find necessary for their specific site including SSL certificates, Dedicated IP’s etc.

[wphr] What is one thing most people do not know about Bluehost?

[bh] Bluehost is 100% located and run out of our Provo, Utah headquarters.  We do not outsource any support, development work, admin staff or datacenter space.

[wphr] Anything you would like to add?

[bh] Bluehost is a great place to work.  If you love websites and hosting we are always looking for talented support technicians, admins, PERL developers and more.

We would like to thank James Grierson of Bluehost for taking the time to answer our questions.

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If you have any questions for Bluehost feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will pass them along.

Thanks! — Steven Johnson

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